Flexible RightFax Workflow to Meet Any Company’s Needs

Flexible to Meet the Needs of Any RightFax Workflow

The One Touch Workflow Client enables knowledge workers to quickly and easily perform sophisticated indexing, validation and workflow tasks on inbound documents, and to launch complex, automated, rule-based actions.

The interface is highly customizable, including buttons, actions, index fields and routing lists, enabling the One Touch solution to meet the specific needs of each business process with minimal programming.

The One Touch Workflow Client also

  • Enables easy database updates,
  • Performs lookups to intelligently fill index values,
  • Identifies document senders,
  • Determines routing and
  • Prioritizes documents,

all based on sophisticated business rules.

Superior Document Handling

Automatic overlay of dynamic data fields from multiple sources for both inbound and outbound documents.

Automatic database lookups to pre-fill index fields (metadata) based on barcodes, sender info and values detected in received documents

Rotation of document images such as scanned images and faxes, automatically or manually

Single/multi-page TIFF/PDF support and file separation to enable each document to be delivered to different locations in different formats according to business rules.

Intelligent file naming based on a document’s content or source.

Simple Configuration and Administration

GUI-driven, rules-based configuration to easily create, change or add complex functions without expensive, risky and time-consuming programming.

Multiple profile support to apply relevant rules and workflows to different types of documents, and to assign appropriate projects and interface options to different users, all based on business requirements.

User and group security and workflow definition to control access to features, functions and business processes by user role or explicitly.

Pre-built and configurable connectors to integrate the One Touch Integration Server with EMR/EHR and other healthcare applications as well as enterprise-class document management, ECM, CRM, ERP and database applications such as Microsoft SQL and SharePoint, IBM DB2 and Content Manager, Siebel, SalesForce.com, Google Docs and more.

API’s for solutions that require custom connections—including XML, Web Services, .NET, C#, COM and FileScan—for straightforward file pickup and processing without special interface programming or versioning issues.

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