Download Your Free Quick Reference Tech Note on Ordering T1’s (PRI) for Fax Servers & Fax over IP (FoIP)

Instructions for Ordering T1-PRI for Brooktrout Fax Server and Fax over IPIt should be easy, but ordering a T1 line from your telecom provider to support a fax server or a fax-over-IP (FoIP) system can be bewildering.

This free quick reference tech note helps you communicate with your telecom provider, internal PBX administrator and fax server vendor by summarizing and simplifying such confusing settings and options as

  • Signal Protocol,
  • Frame Mode,
  • Line Coding,
  • Clock Master,
  • Packet Handlers and
  • Channel Service.

Keep this valuable document handy for quick reference and troubleshooting in most environments including (but not limited to) the most common fax server interfaces by Dialogic — such as Brooktrout Fax Boards (TR1034) and Dialogic Media Gateways (DMG’s) for fax over IP (FoIP) — as well as PBX’s by Cisco and Avaya.

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