RightFax Workflow Automation Resources

One Touch Workflow Solutions for Healthcare

One Touch enables any healthcare provider — from large, multi-site organizations to single clinics — to

  • Create a comprehensive medical record with information from paper, fax and electronic sources;
  • Improve patient care and safety with immediate access to the latest medical record content;
  • Increase compliance by quickly securing data and protecting access;
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper, reducing storage space and refocusing staff time on more productive tasks; and
  • Accelerate revenue cycles through quicker access to coding and billing data

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One Touch Integration Server

Customers in healthcare, financial services, insurance and other document-intensive businesses have used the One Touch Integration Server to process tens of millions of faxes and other documents into complex workflows synchronized with multiple third-party systems. This game-changing fax document capture platform extends the life and usability of your RightFax document system by transforming it into a high-demand, user-friendly, transactional document capture and delivery solution. Learn more >>