RightFax Workflow Automation Resources

Electronic Fax in Healthcare

Fax remains one of the most cost-efficient and timely communication methods for healthcare. It delivers information efficiently and at very low cost while supporting mandates on patient confidentiality, improving the quality of care and moving providers toward meaningful use of electronic health records. In this free executive brief, you’ll learn more about why hospitals, insurers, payment processors, laboratories and medical product manufacturers all embrace fax servers and services to handle information more quickly, accurately and securely. Learn more >>

One Touch Workflow Solutions for Healthcare

One Touch enables any healthcare provider — from large, multi-site organizations to single clinics — to

  • Create a comprehensive medical record with information from paper, fax and electronic sources;
  • Improve patient care and safety with immediate access to the latest medical record content;
  • Increase compliance by quickly securing data and protecting access;
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper, reducing storage space and refocusing staff time on more productive tasks; and
  • Accelerate revenue cycles through quicker access to coding and billing data

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One Touch Workflow Client

The One Touch Workflow Client enables knowledge workers to

  • Drive the hands-on steps of a document-centric business process more efficiently and accurately;
  • Quickly and easily perform sophisticated fax document indexing, validation and workflow tasks on inbound documents; and
  • Launch complex, automated, rules-based actions with as few as one click.

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One Touch for RightFax

RightFax is a mature, enterprise-class fax server solution with a wide variety of options for sending and receiving faxes. But it is not a workflow, document management or ECM solution. The One Touch Integration Server brings native workflow integration to RightFax, enabling you to automate and customize your fax-based business processes. Learn more >>

One Touch Integration Server

Customers in healthcare, financial services, insurance and other document-intensive businesses have used the One Touch Integration Server to process tens of millions of faxes and other documents into complex workflows synchronized with multiple third-party systems. This game-changing fax document capture platform extends the life and usability of your RightFax document system by transforming it into a high-demand, user-friendly, transactional document capture and delivery solution. Learn more >>

Quick Reference on Ordering T1’s for Fax Servers & Fax over IP (FoIP)

It should be easy, but ordering a T1 line from your telecom provider to support a fax server or a fax-over-IP (FoIP) system can be bewildering. This free quick reference tech note helps you communicate with your telecom provider, internal PBX administrator and fax server vendor by summarizing and simplifying the many confusing settings and options. Download now >>

Technical Guide to Cloud Fax with SIP Trunks

Telecom carriers and PBX manufacturers are moving toward IP telephony (IPT) and Voice over IP (VoIP) with SIP trunks. But Fax over IP (FoIP) and cloud fax have much different requirements than VoIP. This free technical guide and checklist will tell you what you must know before implementing FoIP or cloud faxing over SIP trunks. Download now

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If you have a RightFax system now, or if you are considering implementing one, you already know that RightFax is a mature, enterprise-class fax server solution with a wide variety of options for sending and receiving faxes. But you probably have also realized that it is not a workflow, document management or ECM solution.

This site will introduce you to the One Touch Integration Server, which extends the value of your RightFax solution (and many other fax and document systems) by providing native workflow automation.

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