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Electronic Fax in Healthcare

Fax remains one of the most cost-efficient and timely communication methods for healthcare. It delivers information efficiently and at very low cost while supporting mandates on patient confidentiality, improving the quality of care and moving providers toward meaningful use of electronic health records. In this free executive brief, you’ll learn more about why hospitals, insurers, payment processors, laboratories and medical product manufacturers all embrace fax servers and services to handle information more quickly, accurately and securely. Learn more >>

One Touch Workflow Solutions for Healthcare

One Touch enables any healthcare provider — from large, multi-site organizations to single clinics — to

  • Create a comprehensive medical record with information from paper, fax and electronic sources;
  • Improve patient care and safety with immediate access to the latest medical record content;
  • Increase compliance by quickly securing data and protecting access;
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper, reducing storage space and refocusing staff time on more productive tasks; and
  • Accelerate revenue cycles through quicker access to coding and billing data

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